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Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue Grass from Tabernacle, New Jersey

Tabernacle Sod Farm, in Tabernacle, New Jersey, offers you 2 types of sod grown right on our farm. Choose a blend of Kentucky bluegrass or fescue grass for residential or commercial use.

Kentucky Bluegrass
Even though it's called blue, Kentucky bluegrass actually is a blue/green in color. This grass is used for residential lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses. Bluegrass is durable and sun-resistant.

Allow us to customize your building project to meet your specifications, and deliver bluegrass grown right here on our sod farm. This grass is beautiful, healthy, and strong enough for any use.

Fescue Grass
Choose sturdy fescue grass for sandy soils and shady areas. The lighter green color and wider blade make this an appealing choice for sandier soil.

Park Sod - Sod Farm in Tabernacle, NJ

Sod Delivery
For your convenience, our crew delivers sod to your home, business, or playing field, starting with a minimum delivery of 2,000 square feet. Or if you prefer, you're more than welcome to come to our farm to pick up the sod in any amount you need.  Just call us to schedule your pickup and will have it ready and waiting for you.

Contact us, in Tabernacle, New Jersey, for more information on how to use Kentucky bluegrass for your lawn, golf course, or park.